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Ticket FAQs
General Museum FAQs

Yes, children 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Unfortunately, we do not have a bag check at this time.

Prohibited items at the Rock Hall include, but are not limited to:
• fire arms and ammunition
• explosives
• pocket knives (longer than 2 inches)
• flammables/combustibles (i.e., gun powder, liquid fuels)
• lawn chairs
• Any item that can’t be inspected

Induction FAQs

Only the Nominating Committee, which is made up of a diverse group of about 40 music industry professionals including some inductees, academics, journalists – with hundreds of years of professional music experience between them, and whose passion, expertise and livelihood is all about music, can nominate artists for induction.

Each year, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation’s Nominating Committee selects the group of artists nominated in the performer category. Ballots are then sent to more than 1000 historians, members of the music industry and artists—including every living Rock Hall inductee—and the five to seven performers receiving the most votes become that year’s induction class. Even if an artist has been previously nominated, if they don’t receive enough votes from the voting body that year, they would have to be nominated again to be eligible for induction.

Beginning in 2012, fans were given the chance to vote for the nominees they’d like to see inducted into the Rock Hall. The top five vote-getters in the public fan poll form one ballot, which is weighted the same as the rest of the submitted ballots.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to contact the committee directly. However, should you visit the museum in person, there are now two ways for the public to let us know who they’d like to see get inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. While the fan vote allows folks to choose their favorites from among those artists put forth for nomination by the committee, our interactive Voice Your Choice booths are where you get to let us know who you’d like to see on a future nomination ballot. Each guest gets one vote for their favorite eligible artist or band not currently inducted into the Hall of Fame and the leaderboard displays the current top fan choices, refreshed weekly. The top 100 vote-getters from those kiosks get suggested to the nominating committee when they meet.