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The Rock Hall allows photography and videos for personal, non-commercial purposes (except in areas designated with “No Photography” signs). In fact, we encourage you to share your experience! Help us to preserve these priceless pieces of rock and roll history by making sure your flash is turned off.  If you’re a journalist who needs images or video, or who would like to visit the Rock Hall for a story, please email [email protected]


Free wi-fi is available in all public areas, including in the lobbies and café.


Our exhibits contain straightforward depictions of the history of rock and roll and its culture.  Some exhibits and films contain mature themes and images.


The Rock Hall frequently updates and changes its exhibits, so certain areas may be closed during your visit for maintenance.


Paper, aluminum and plastic recycling bins are found on the Rock Hall’s lobby level (L1), while additional aluminum and plastic bins are also on the third floor (L3).


For the safety of our visitors, building, volunteers, staff and artifacts, the Rock Hall prohibits certain conduct and activities.

On Rock Hall premises, visitors shall not:

  • Display or carry placards, signs or banners;
  • Destroy, damage or remove property;
  • Climb upon any part of the building;
  • Use loud, abusive or otherwise improper language;
  • Loiter, sleep or participate in unwarranted assemblies;
  • Create any hazard to persons or things;
  • Perform obscene or indecent acts;
  • Engage in disorderly conduct;
  • Use, possess or sell illegal drugs;
  • Bring a firearm, deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance anywhere on the Rock Hall premises;
  • Bring in dogs or other animals, other than service animals;
  • Take photographs for advertising or any other commercial purpose;
  • Solicit for commercial or charitable purposes or distribute advertisements, pamphlets, handbills or flyers; or
  • Bring food or drink into exhibits, except as may be specifically permitted for a special event.  Please note our Café is located on Level 1 (L1) for your convenience.


Found items are held for up to 60 days in the Rock Hall’s security office.  Visitors may check the lost and found by calling (216) 515-1269.

Please note that visitors and their bags are subject to screening at any time.  Because of these security measures, the lines for entry to the Rock Hall may be long during peak seasons and holidays. We ask for your patience, cooperation, and assistance in keeping the Rock Hall safe.