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Randy Rhoads





Tom Morello


Musical Excellence

One of the greatest guitarists ever, Randy Rhoads gave us some of heavy metal’s most recognizable guitar riffs and influenced generations of guitar gods.

Randy Rhoads

Randy Rhoads


By Tom Morello

Randy Rhoads is my favorite guitarist of all time. A peerless talent, he fused timeless riffs and solos of ingenious beauty and emotional fire. In his all-too-brief career, he created a catalog that has thrilled and inspired generations of musicians and hard-rock fans. He melded compositional genius and raw intuition in a way that is unique in the annals of electric guitar playing. He was a member of Quiet Riot, a heavy-metal band he cofounded in California. Then, as the gunslinger sideman, he revived Ozzy Osbourne’s career. His playing created a sonic landscape previously not in existence; he expanded the art form of rock and metal playing exponentially. His entire career was defined by inspired musical excellence. When I was a young guitarist practicing eight hours a day, a Randy Rhoads poster hung on my wall.

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Class of 2021
Randy Rhoads is a peerless talent who fused timeless riffs with solos of ingenious beauty and emotional fire.
Tom Morello
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