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We are committed to working with and advocating for communities, organizations and businesses to create a vibrant economic environment. We are dedicated to using strategies that benefit economic growth and shape the future of Northeast Ohio. A cornerstone of our expansion is our Diversity, Equity, Accessibility & Inclusion (DEAI) work, which matches our impact with our intent. 

We aim to make a greater impact than simply meeting company and workforce goals. Our mission is to raise up new firms as well as individuals entering the construction-related workforce for the first time. Working with our partners, A.M. Higley, the GCP and The AKA Team, as well as all possible consultants, suppliers, and subcontractors, we are determined to be a catalyst for opportunity in the entire NEO community. 

Our DEAI Program Goals:

  • MBE goal: 15% of all contractors and subcontractors on eligible portions of the construction project
  • Minority Employee goal: 20% of the construction workforce
  • FBE goal: 7% of all contractors and subcontractors
  • Female Employee goal: 5% of the construction workforce
  • Workforce goals: 33% Cuyahoga County residents, 20% City of Cleveland residents
  • SBE goal: 30% of eligible firms

We track all Tier II subcontractors and suppliers to further illustrate the expansion’s contribution to our local economic prosperity. This work includes professional monitoring by a third-party to ensure full transparency and due diligence. We also partner with our contractors, CMSD, St. Martin De Porres, Tri-C, and GCP to assist in the funding of certifications as needed, to develop apprenticeship, training, and classroom programs related to the construction of our expansion.

People. Planet. Prosperity. They’re all connected. We know that the long-term prosperity of the Museum and its expansion is directly linked to the prosperity of our community and the health of the planet. Some of our Expansion sustainability highlights include:

  • In addition to moving the Rock Hall vehicle fleet to all electric, we’re installing EV charging stations and bicycle facilities.
  • We’re installing a green roof to help reduce urban heat island effects, deflecting sun radiation and releasing moisture into the atmosphere.
  • We’re using the power of Lake Erie through a state-of-the-art geothermal system to heat and cool the building, taking the pressure off traditional fossil fuel systems.
  • We’re using bird-safe glass that allows them to see and avoid the building, further protecting the Great Lakes ecosystem.
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