The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum

Accessibility & Services

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum prides itself in offering a variety of services to accommodate our  special needs, family and foreign language speaking visitors. ADA compliant services offered cover both physical and developmental impairments to accommodate for visitors that are deaf or hard of hearing, visitors that have mobility impairments and for visitors who are blind or partially sighted.

Guided tours are available with at least two weeks advance notice for visitors who require accessibility assistance. Please email for details or for more information about accessibility.

Service Animals:

Service animals trained to work or perform tasks for visitors with a disability are permitted in the Museum. All service animals must remain on a leash or harnessed at all times. Please see a Security or Visitor Services Representative upon arrival to check in.


For Visitors Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing:



Qualified Interpretation: Qualified cued speech interpreters are available with at least two weeks advance notice. Please email for details.


For Visitors with Mobility Impairments:



Elevators serve all levels of the Museum.

Wheelchair-accessible seating available in all theaters.

Wheelchairs and strollers: Visitor Services maintains a limited supply of wheelchairs and strollers at the coat check desk on the Lower Level (LL); all are free.

Call 24 hours in advance and a visitor service representative will have a wheelchair waiting for curbside pickup from the fire lane. Call 216.515.1266 for details and reservations.

Motorized Mobility Scooters: Three motorized mobility scooters are available on a first-come, first-served basis, sorry no advance or phone reservations.

Mobility scooters can be rented at the Museum box office in the Main Lobby (L1). Scooters are picked up and returned at the coat check desk located on the Lower Level (LL). Mobility scooter rental rate is $10 per day (includes tax) Photo ID required.

Curbside Drop Off: For visitors bringing wheelchairs and/or scooters, curbside drop off on Erieside Avenue in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum's plaza is encouraged. 


For Visitors Who are Blind or Partially Sighted:



Brochures/Exhibit Labels/Text: Large print exhibit materials and Braille guides are available upon request. Please inquire at the coat check on the Lower Level (LL).

Click here to download the large print version of the Museum’s Exhibit and Information Guide.


General Services

Family/Nursing restrooms:

Visitor services can accommodate nursing mothers and special needs visitors who would like a private, quiet place to care for their infant or family member. Please contact a visitor service representative for assistance.

Foreign language brochures:

Foreign language brochures are available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese at the information kiosk located on Level 1 (L1). 


Photography is permitted inside the Rock Hall, however flash photography, video and professional photography are not permitted. If you are a member of the media and need images or video shot by your crew or supplied for a story you are working on, please contact our media relations department.


Wireless Internet access is available in all public areas of the Museum, including in the lobbies and Rock Hall Cafe.

Parental Advisories:

The Museum’s exhibits contain straightforward depictions of the history of rock and roll and its culture. Some exhibits and films contain mature themes and images. Please note the parental advisories listed in the Museum’s exhibit guide, available upon entering the Museum.


To capture the ever-evolving spirit of rock and roll, the exhibits are changed frequently and some items are displayed on a temporary basis. Areas of the Museum may be closed during your visit for exhibit changes and maintenance.


Paper, aluminum and plastic recycling receptacles are found in the Rock Hall’s Plaza Lobby. Additonal plastic and aluminum receptacles are available on the third floor.


No food, beverages, drugs, cans, glass containers, or any kind of contraband are allowed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. It is suggested that backpacks, large bags or luggage be checked in at coat check or be taken back to your vehicle. All bags are subject to search at any time. No solicitation is allowed. No Smoking Allowed. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum will not be held liable for ANY ITEM of personal property or its contents lost or damaged in coat check.

It is illegal to carry a firearm, deadly weapon, or dangerous ordinance anywhere on these premises. Unless otherwise authorized by law, no person shall knowingly possess, have under the person’s control, convey, or attempt to convey a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance onto these premises. Posted Pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code.