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Steven Tyler Inducts Led Zeppelin (Part 2)

OK - "Whom the gods love die young." We can't let this moment go now without talking about Bonzo, because he's one of the most important reasons we're here tonight. John Henry Bonham, before he came along, all the great English drummers, Ringo, Charlie Watts, Keith Moon, were short-tempered. But John was big - radically big - with an attack that was like bombs-away, baby. And even when he threw the sticks away and played with his hands, you noticed that the volume didn't go down. He had great feel, great drive, and an incredible combination of soul and technique. To everyone else in the band, he was warm and funny, loved his family and farm, but did not like to tour. As Robert once put it, "John often got swamped by the absolute remoteness inside the fish bowl." These were the days before anyone knew how to handle the shadow side of our business, like too many master musicians before - and since he left us before his time, Bonzo ruled. He still rules; even today no one can take his place. In many ways, he was the Led in Zeppelin, and perhaps the most fitting tribute to him is that, after his death, his old band called it quits.

Led Zeppelin