The 2001 Induction Ceremony

The class of 2001 proved an eclectic group, including veterans still at the top of their game. Steely Dan had just won several Grammys; Aerosmith continued to get Chart-Toppers; and Paul Simon had recently hit with You're the One. The audience got to meet Freddie Mercury's diminutive mum, who took the stage for her late son, and Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, who inducted Queen with his bandmate Taylor Hawkins, then performed with the group. Bono toasted Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records, U2's original label. Paul Simon beat the Band's Garth Hudson's record of naming the most people (fifty) in his thank-you speech. The enigmatic Michael Jackson showed up in what looked like a moon boot, telling the audience: "There is not going to be any moon-walking tonight becauise I hurt my foot." The greatest fashion statement, though, came from soulman Solomon Burke, who reigned onstage donning his signature cape and crown.

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