WMMS: A Cleveland Legend Turns 40

Open August 29, 2008 - July 21, 2009

Since it first went on the air 40 years ago on September 28, 1968, Cleveland’s WMMS radio station has earned a coveted place in the history of FM radio. The station played a key role in breaking such rock icons as David Bowie, Roxy Music, Rush and Bruce Springsteen.  Along with its impressive playlist, the station has been home to such legendary deejays as Billy Bass, “Kid Leo” Travagliante, “Matt the Cat” Lapczynski, Len “Boom Boom” Goldberg, Ed “Flash” Ferenc, Jeff Kinzbach, Betty Korvan, Murray Saul, Steve Lushbaugh and Rover.  In celebration of its10th anniversary, the station hosted and broadcast a live Springsteen concert from the Agora theater in Cleveland, which was one of the most heavily bootlegged concerts of the rock era.  Readers of Rolling Stone magazine voted WMMS as “Radio Station of the Year” nine years in a row, and to this day the station remains a powerful influence.  The WMMS 40th Anniversary exhibit will open on August 29th on the third floor of the Rock Hall.  Featured will be a variety of artifacts, including David Helton’s original iconic radio station buzzard logo, airchecks from the deejays, original photos, gold and platinum records, interoffice memos and video and listening stations that document the impact of one of America’s most important radio stations.

Exhibit Details