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Ferry Cross the Mersey:The British Invasion

In early 1964, Beatlemania crossed the Atlantic. Over the next two years, English acts dominated the American charts. The Beatles scored hits with their poppy, guitar-driven music that merged skiffle with American rock and roll. The Rolling Stones and the Animals had a more gritty sound influenced by R&B. Herman’s Hermits appealed to the teenybopper crowd, whereas Freddie and the Dreamers were more of a novelty act. With the exception of a few Motown acts and the Beach Boys, no American group could compete. The British Invasion reinvigorated the rock and roll landscape and paved the way for the artistic and commercial breakthroughs that would come in the second half of the Sixties.

This exhibition of 22 framed photographs captures some of the British Invasion acts of the early 1960s both onstage and behind the scenes. All of the color prints are from the archives of 16 magazine, a music-oriented magazine for teens in the Sixties and Seventies. Publisher Gloria Stavers insisted on exclusive photos for her publications and, due to her influence as a tastemaker, artists often complied.

Number of Works

22 framed photographs (B&W and color)

Size of images

21 ¼” x 25 ¼”

Shipping Information

1 crate; transport by shipper arranged by RRHF+M
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Supplemental Materials

Identification labels and interpretive panel are available on formatted disc or hard copy


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