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Remembering Jerry Leiber

Tuesday, August 23: 5 p.m.
Posted by Terry Stewart
Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller

Yesterday, the music world lost one of its greatest poet laureates with the passing of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Jerry Leiber. As the lyricist on countless iconic chart topping songs and so many more hit records, Leiber not only wrote the words that everyone was singing, but also led the way in how we verbalized our feelings about the societal changes we were living with in post–World War ll life. Appropriately, his vehicles of choice were the emerging populist musical genres of rhythm and blues, and then rock and roll.


Beyond the songs he penned, the team of Leiber and Stoller (Mike Stoller) also produced an untold string of hits. Inducted together into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987, they also saw their music become the basis for the longest running musical revue in Broadway history, Smokey Joe’s Café, a title lifted from one of their early hits by the Robins.


I loved the Robins/Coasters growing up. They represented to me the real gestalt of rock and roll, the music helping me call the shots on the important things in life – how I dressed, how I cut my hair, how I ...

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