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Rock and Roll Teaches Financial Responsibility with "Takin' Care of Business"

Thursday, October 7: 2:32 p.m.

The road to rock superstardom is not an easy one.  To “make it big” takes talent, tenacity, and a certain amount of good fortune.  It also takes financial savvy.  Unfortunately, the cautionary tales in the music industry are many.  When it comes to the business of making music, you have to know how money works to make it work for you.

Last week, teachers from across Northeast Ohio discovered how they can use rock and roll to teach financial literacy in their own classrooms.  The workshop – offered to area educators as part of our teacher professional development series, Teachers Rock – explored the many ways that the business world and the world of popular music connect.  Teachers also got a first-hand look at one of our newest Rockin’ the Schools classes – “Takin’ Care of Business”: A Rock Band Finance Simulation.  Made possible by the generous support of KeyBank, the class follows the financial decisions of an average up-start rock band, from selling t-shirts at a local gig (should the price be $10 or $20?) to recording an album (how much does studio time cost?).  As “band managers,” students make these choices themselves, and they see the consequences play out in real-time ...

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