Five Minutes with Fame: Jimmy Eat World

Friday, September 2: 5:51 a.m.
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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is pleased to partner with Microsoft Zune for Five Minutes with Fame, an exclusive video series on the Zune Marketplace featuring singers, songwriters and bands at the forefront of today's music. After a behind-the-scenes tour of the Museum, we sit down with artists to talk about their music, their road to success, inspirations, being on tour and of course, some of their favorite artists and artifacts highlighted in the Museum. This week's featured artist is Jimmy Eat World.

Jimmy Eat World formed in February 1994 in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa, Arizona. Early incarnations of the band – with Jim Adkins (vocals/guitar), Zach Lind (drums), Tom Linton (guitar/vocals) and Mitch Porter (bass) – bonded over a shared appreciation of Rocket from the Crypt, early Def Leppard, the Jesus and Mary Chain, Fugazi and the Velvet Underground. The group's unusual name was born of sibling rivalry. Linton's younger brothers, Ed and Jimmy, were prone to fighting and one particular argument ended when Ed produced a picture of his heavyset brother consuming the Earth. The caption beneath it read "Jimmy Eat World," and the band adopted it.

By the mid-90s, the band's audience was steadily growing, and they'd released several EPs, singles and a self-titled album while touring. Capitol Records responded by signing Jimmy Eat World in mid-1995, when bandleaders Adkins and Linton were only 19 years old. Porter soon exited the group, and bassist Rick Burch was enlisted as a replacement. The band marked their major debut with the release of 1996's Static Prevails.

Already a trailblazing name in the mid-'90s, Jimmy Eat World eventually found a larger audience by embracing a blend of alternative rock and power pop that targeted the heart as well as the head. The band's influence widened considerably with 1999's Clarity, an album that has since emerged as a landmark of the emo genre and marked Adkins' first time as the group's lead singer and principal songwriter – two roles that Linton had previously handled.  The band's 2001 follow-up record (originally titled Bleed American, but renamed Jimmy Eat World after the events of September 11) took off with the release of "The Middle," the single gaining extensive airplay and regular rotation on MTV. A third single, "Sweetness," was released in summer 2002, and "A Praise Chorus" followed soon after, helping the album to go platinum. 

The band's fifth album, Futures was released by Interscope in October 2004 and debuted at number six on the Billboard charts. featuring the Top 40 hit "Pain." Jimmy Eat World continued to tour in support of the album before entering the recording studio with Butch Vig, who recorded their sixth studio LP, Chase This Light. The leadoff single, "Big Casino," was released in August 2007, and the album followed in October.  Two years later, Invented was released and the band is currently on tour in support of this new album.

Here, the band talks about how they came together, the effects of 9-11, making music videos, Elvis Presley's 1974 Lincoln, Joey Ramone's leather jacket, Bono's acoustic guitar, the Rolling Stones pinball machine and more!

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