Membership Frequently Asked Questions...


Q: Where can I purchase a membership?
A: Memberships may be purchased:
- At the Member Express Check-In located in the Museum lobby
- At the Museum Box Office
- In the Museum Store
- Online
- Via the Membership Hotline: 216-515-8425

Q: Can I apply my ticket admission to a membership?
A: Yes. If you enjoy your visit at the Rock Hall you may apply your admission to the price of a membership and receive a discounted rate. However, you may only apply your ticket on the day of your visit. *Final price of membership depends on the level of membership purchased.*

Q: Can I get free admission the day I sign up for a membership? 
A: Yes. From the day you purchase any level of membership you will have unlimited, free access to the Museum for a full year. In addition to one year of free admission, each level of membership includes different benefits.

Q: Are memberships tax-deductible? Why?
A: Yes. Each level of membership is tax deductible. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization. The money goes towards preserving the history and legacy of Rock and Roll as well as educational programs funded by the Rock Hall. You will receive confirmation of the tax-deductible portion in the mail within 10-12 business days.

Q: What is a gift of Membership?  How can I purchase one?
A: Memberships make excellent gifts and the benefits last all year. Any level of membership may be purchased as a gift. You can purchase the gift through our online Gift of Membership option.  In the "Bill To" section at checkout, please enter your name and in the ship to section, enter the recipient information.  If you purchase a gift and would like to confirm the transaction so that we can recognize you in the welcome letter to the gift recipient, please contact us at 216-515-8425 or


Q: If I sign up for a membership at the Museum, how many people are allowed free admission on the day of purchase?
A: The number of guests who receive free admission relies on your level of membership. Additional tickets may be purchased onsite at the Museum or online.
- $50 Rocker Level: You will be granted admission on the day of purchase.
- $75 Duet Rocker Level: You and a guest will be granted admission on the day of purchase.
- $140 Roller Level: You, the co-member and your children (or you and your three guests) will be granted admission on the day of purchase.
- $250 Inductee Level: You and your three guests (or you, the co-member and your children) will be granted admission on the day of purchase.

Q: Can I lend my membership card to a family member or friend?
A: No. Memberships are non-transferrable. Only the member and/ or co-member may receive membership benefits and use the membership card.


Q: What happens if my membership expires? How can I renew my membership?
A: You will no longer receive membership benefits. You can renew your membership at any time by calling the membership hotline: 216-515-8425, or by visiting the Member Express Check-in located in the Museum lobby.

Q: Will I be notified if my membership expires?
A: Approximately 2 months before your membership expires you will receive a membership renewal notice by mail.

Q: Can I visit the museum on the day my membership expires?
Yes, your membership is valid through the end of the day on the date listed on your membership card. Call the membership hotline 216-515-8425 to check your expiration date or to renew.


Q: I recently became a member. When will my membership kit arrive?
A: Please allow 10 to 12 business days for delivery of your membership kit. You may gain access to the Museum before your card arrives by showing photo ID at the Member’s Express Check-in and your temporary ID card.

Q: I lost my membership card. Can I still visit the Museum?
A: Yes! Visit the Member Express Check-in located in the Museum’s lobby and present a valid photo ID. A membership employee will find your name in the system, check you in, and order a new membership card.

Q: My contact information has changed. Can I update it?
A: Yes, you may update your contact information by calling the membership hotline 216-515-8425 or visit the Update Membership Information page on the Rock Hall website.

Q: I signed up as a member when the Museum opened. Is my membership still valid? Am I recognized as a Charter member anywhere in the Museum?
A: Charter memberships purchased when the Museum opened expired one year after date of purchase. Those who joined when the Museum opened are recognized in the leather bound notebooks located at the Information Desk at the Museum. Call 216-515-8425 to rejoin today!


Q: I do not receive Members Only e-newsletters. How do I sign up?
A: If you provided your e-mail address when you signed up for your membership you should already receive Members Only e-newsletters. You may provide your e-mail or a second e-mail to our mailing list by updating your contact information. To update contact information please call the membership hotline: 216-515-8425 or visit the Update Membership Information page.

Q: Does the Museum share my e-mail address with anyone else?
A: No. E-mail addresses are collected for Museum use only. Giving the Museum your e-mail address enables you to receive the Members Only newsletter.

Q: Will there be Members Only events?
A: Throughout the year there will be several opportunities to purchase tickets in advance for upcoming shows and events. This information will be posted online and in the Members Only e-newsletter.


Q: I have a question that’s not on this page. What should I do?
A: You can call the membership hotline at 216-515-8425 or e-mail