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The Police accept induction

Sting:  We haven't played together in 18 years, and we're very keen to do that, so we're not going to make any fancy speeches.  But I would like to thank our manager, Miles Copeland, stand up Miles, come on.  Mr. Miles Copeland.  And his partner, Kim Turner, who couldn't be with us tonight - he's not well in England, God bless him.  A&M records, Gerry Morse, Herb Albert, Gill Freeson, all of you guys.

Andy Summers: 
Yes, well, I'd like to thank everybody as well - especially our accountant, who kept charge of that incredible amount of cash that came flowing through, as we [unintelligible].  I'd like to make it very clear that there's absolutely no ego in our band whatsoever.  We came here against the record company wishes, in deep snow and deep shit, and somehow we made it out of there.  But we have to thank this country for giving us the star, and I'd like to actually point out, there's a gentleman here by the name of Oedipus, who played "Roxanne," and without him, we might never have gotten started, you know, and I think we're all very fortunate to have met each other, because I think we brought something very special out of one another that might not have happened in another combination.  And God, of course, who's there with every single rock band, at every award ceremony.  So thank you all, and it's a great honor to be in this, along with all the other incredible talent, you know, it's humbling.  Thank you very much.

Stewart Copeland: 
I was raised to be a jazz musician.  That's why I play rock and roll.  There's a few people we gotta thank.  We're gonna keep it real short - we're just gonna do the thanks, 'cause that's really more important than the funny stuff.  Gill Freeson, my brother Ian, who was my agent when I was my agent when I was 12, and was the Police's agent, Michael Plant, Bob Garcia, oh no, now I'm gonna freeze, there's just so many... Our crew, Tim, Danny, Tommo, Jeff Sikes, these are the guys who have been with us from the very top, all the way down, and they're still here, thank you very much.  And that's it, that's it.  We're gonna play now.

So they asked me, "What do you think we should play at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," and I said, "That's very easy, we'll do our first hit and our last hit, and that's 'Roxanne' and 'Every Breath You Take.'"  And then I got a call from Stewart, and he said we're not doing those numbers 'cause there's not enough drumming in them.  What bullshit.  So we're doing them anyway.  I don't know what Stewart is gonna play, but... I lost my cuff links.

The Police