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Diana Ross inducts the Jackson 5

This is wonderful. I was supposed to introduce them when they’re here, and they’re here, see? We’re very excited. First of all, you guys stand quietly because I want to tell a little story of how we all met, alright? First of all, I’m winging this because I didn’t prepare a speech of any kind because this is the way our relationship has always been ... it’s real and it’s on the moment ... I don’t see them all the time. First of all, we are thankful to be here ... I very much want to introduce their parents who are in the audience who are very responsible for their careers before I met them, so Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, I’m so proud. I want to talk about how we met and all of that.

The boys came to Detroit for a showcase for Berry Gordy and I remember them wearing these little green outfits and these hats and they did a show at Berry’s house in Detroit called The Poolhouse. And we knew then that it was going to be something special. And I got an opportunity to introduce them on the Ed Sullivan Show, and the rest is just history. And we did a television special, and so on, and I played ... they came to live with me in California for ... it seemed like just a few months, but I don’t know how long it was there for them ... their parents were moving from Indiana to California ... and I got to know them very well and I tried to train them. I tried to teach them how to make their beds, and how to wash the dishes and pick up the dishes from the table. I’m sort of like a parent and I feel like that, since the beginning of their careers ... I feel very much as if they are my children. Even though I don’t see them as often, Michael and I bonded very early, and so I feel like I am a parent of these boys and I’m a grandparent of their children. I’m happy they’re standing behind me. I know that they have a lot to say. I don’t see these guys that much ... I’m so happy to look back and see their faces. So congratulations, and I’ll give you your ... welcome to the Hall of Fame ... Jermaine, Tito.