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Michael Jackson Accepting

Thank you so very much. Thank you N’Synch. I am so proud to call you my friends, you’re all so wonderful. This is such a tremendous honor and I am so happy to be here, as you can see. There is not going to be any moon-walking tonight because I hurt my foot ... I fell down the stairs in California and I broke my foot in two places, so I have about 6 more weeks with this cast, but it’s going to come off soon. I’m honored to be inducted twice in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It’s a great blessing. For me, the gift of music has been a great blessing from God, from the time I was a child, so I first of all would like to thank my parents who gave me that gift. To my mother Catherine, and to my father Joseph Jackson, I love you both. To my brothers and my sisters, thank you ... you are so wonderful. Rabbi Schmoolie, I love you, and thank you for helping me launch “Heal the Kids”. Berry Gordy, Berry Gordy, Berry Gordy ... as it was in the beginning, so many of us have to say ‘thank you’. He was so important in our lives and he was my real inspiration and I owe him so much. Quincy Jones, thank you. You talk about a thriller, Quincy, you’re incredible, I love you Quincy. He is the man. The glamorous and talented and beautiful Diana Ross, who is my second mother, I thank you. Thank you Tony Jones ... Bob Jones for all you have done ... John McClain you are a genius. I thank John Franka, Frank Tyson ... you are true friends. Thank you Howard Rubinstein for sharing