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Julian and Sean Lennon on Elvis Presley

I'd just like to say first of all that I'm very pleased and very proud and very, very nervous to be here tonight, and I just wanted to say that our father was a big fan of Elvis', and of course, Elvis was loved all over the world, and we are all influences to him - or from him, should I say - and I think a lot of people in the world get a lot of pleasure from listening to him and love him greatly. And I just have something to say - something to read, sorry, that my father once said about Elvis: 'Elvis was a thing. Whatever people say, he was it. I was not competing against Elvis; rock happened to be the media I was born into - it was the one, that's all. Those people who picked up paintbrushes, like Van Gogh, probably wanted to be a Renoir, or whomever went before him. I wanted to be Elvis.'