The 1989 Induction Ceremony

A cool rock & roll crowd gathered at the 1989 induction ceremony to honor the new batch of artists, with the emphasis on R&B, including the second big British Invasion band. The sacred commingled with the profane (from the Soul Stirrers to the Stones), and much music emanated from the stage, lyrics sometimes replacing words during speeches. Hall and Oates crooned an a cappella "Don't Look Back" to induct the Temptations, whose surviving members spontaneously bounded onstage to harmonize beautifully. A perky Little Richard inducted his fellow Georgian Otis Redding by belting out the late soulman's "I Can't Turn Lose."

Inductee Phil Spector seemed to have trouble in mind when he invited both Tina and Ike Turner (unbeknowst to one another) to induct him. Tina got to do the honors, while her ex-husband told Rolling Stone that "I'm happy to be here, but it made me kind of nervous that she was going to be here."

On a more somber note, the evening was dedicated to Roy Orbison, the first living inductee to pass away.

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