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John Fogerty inducts Buddy Holly

"Thank you.  First I just want to say what an honor it is to be part of the first gathering at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I just want to tell you what Buddy Holly meant to me.  I was 12 years old, and I was working at a beach resort - a 12-year-old kid's type of job - and that voice and guitar came up over the PA (we had a radio.)  I went out and bought 'That’ll be the day,' started learning the words.  A few months later, bought the album, and that album set in course in musical history some strange events, I think.  There was a group pictured on the cover.  There was a guy with a Strat (wasn't that bad?) and three other guys; it was a group.  And it was the first time you saw a group in rock and roll.  'I'm gonna have a group.' Over in Liverpool, same thing was going on with four other guys.  They named their group the Beatles because Buddy Holly's group was called the Crickets.  1964 - or '63 actually - these four guys chose to end their great song 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand' with the little syncopation Buddy Holly used in the chorus after the solo.  All you guys who play rock and roll know what I'm talking about.  'That'll be the day when, dah dah dah...' Well, about 20 years later, a kid was writing a song about how it feels to be back, sitting in a field, and he ended his song with the same riff - came from the same place.  I think my point is that we all of us, each of us, are people that are made up of the people that we love and the people that we admire.  We take those reflections and hopefully grow from those.  I think that's why we're here in all ten cases tonight - and it's my great honor to induct Buddy.  Anyway, at this point, I would like to call his wife Maria Elena Holly to the stage. Maria, it is my great honor to induct Buddy Holly into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."