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Brian Johnson of AC/DC accepts induction

"Thank you so much.  In the beginning, back in 1955, man didn't know about the rock and roll show, and all that jive.  The white man had the schmaltz, the black man had the blues, but no one knew what they was gonna do, but Chaikovsky had the news.  He said, "Let there be rock."  Bon Scott wrote that, and it's a real privilege to accept these awards tonight.  We have onstage with us Paul and Daniel, who are Bon's nephews, who are going to accept the award tonight.  And just a few words.  We'd just like to thank Outback Music for sticking with the boys, Atlantic Records, Elektra, and our new record company Epic, want to thank them.  But mainly, this award is for the fans all around the world that have stuck by us through thick and thin.  Thanks."