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Summer Teacher Institute Breakout Session Proposal



Proposals should represent your 90-minute breakout session as fully as possible.

  • No more than two proposals per person will be accepted. 
  • Proposals must be received no later than 5pm EST on Friday, April 12, 2013. Acceptances will be sent out no later than May 3, 2013. 
  • Please fill out this form and hit SUBMIT.
  • Questions? Email us here.

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Please keep your bio to 100 words or less.

This is a short description of what you plan to present in your breakout session. Keep in mind that this is not a description of your lesson plan. (250 words or less)

Lesson summary, including reasons for including popular music in instruction

3-5 measurable items (As a result of the lesson, the student will be better able to...)

Identify central state and/or national standards for learning met in the lesson.

State the target subject area, grade level, as well as any group of learners for whom the lesson could be modified. Press ENTER + SHIFT to make a hard return.

State time period[s] required to complete the lesson/unit.

List all materials necessary to complete the lesson/unit. Include suggested sources for song lyrics, written excerpts, images, recordings. Your original handouts are welcome.

Indicate any necessary preparation for the students.

State any supplemental information to assist the teacher’s understanding, such as biographical or other contextual information on artists, songs, or related issues, etc.

List your procedures in an organized, step-by-step fashion so that the lesson/unit may be easily replicated by another teacher.