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Summer Teacher Institute

To better serve the needs of teachers across the country, and around the world, we are exploring the opportunities that come with online professional development programming. 


This includes changing our annual Summer Teacher Institute from an on-site summer workshop in Cleveland, OH to a digital/distance-learning opportunity to be offered later in the year. While this does mean that there will be NO Summer Teacher Institute in 2014, we are very excited to discover new ways to reach teachers and students through the power of rock and roll. 

We want to know more about your teacher professional development needs and how we can better connect with you and your students.  Please take a moment to complete this short survey:  We want to hear from you!

In the meantime, if you'd like us to add your name and email address to our distribution list, so you can stay connected and up-to-date, send us an email with your information.

Summer Teacher Institute brings K-12 and post-secondary educators along with arts education specialists, historians, community educators, curriculum designers, and performers to learn how to effectively use rock and roll to teach across the disciplines.  Educators learn how to connect popular music to their own classroom curricula – from the history of hip-hop to the science of sound – by creating new and exciting learning environments that can help meet the needs of all students, no matter their level or learning style.

For more information about past STI workshops, visit us here.

Summer Teacher Institute Highlights

I was looking for a change in my "everything," from the design of my classroom to the order of my curriculum. I am leaving here with so many ideas for the future. My admin should be worried. All kidding aside, this was the best experience for me. I am definitely going to be back and I'll be talking my co-workers into joining me. Thank you!
- Tracey Tylicki, 5th/6th Music Teacher, Stafford, NJ (STI Class of 2010)
It was hands-down the best professional development I have ever participated in. Everything ran smoothly, showed planning and attention to detail, and was packed full of classroom-friendly, engaging information and material - in short, exactly what this teacher was looking for. Thank you!"
- Margee Bailey, 7th Grade ELA Teacher, Portland, OR (STI Class of 2010)