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Happy 20th Anniversary Lollapalooza!

Tuesday, August 9: 5:14 p.m.
Posted by Jim Henke
Young the Giant perform at Lollapalooza 2011.

This past weekend marked the 20th anniversary of Lollapalooza, the music festival that Perry Farrell started back in 1991. Back then, Lollapalooza was a touring festival that went from city to city, playing day-long shows at amphitheaters and other venues across the country -- think Van’s Warped Tour. That version of Lollapalooza ended in 1998, after SFX Entertainment, the promoter, was sold to Clear Channel and then Clear Channel was rolled up into Live Nation. “That wasn’t the atmosphere I started Lollapalooza within,” Farrell said in a recent interview. “My atmosphere was that of individual promoters, people who had their own style, their own ins within the city, interesting locations where they could take us. By 1998, there were no options, so we went dark.” Then, in 2005, Lollapalooza returned. This time, however, it became a three-day festival held in Chicago’s Grant Park. Three days, one city.

For pictures from this year's music festival, click here.

I managed to see a couple of shows in the early days of Lollapalooza, but ever since Perry brought it back as a one-day festival in Chicago, I have gone every year. This year marked the seventh straight year I have ...

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