Five Minutes With Fame: Robyn

Wednesday, August 24: 9 a.m.
Posted by Rock Hall
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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is pleased to partner with Microsoft Zune for Five Minutes with Fame, an exclusive video series on the Zune Marketplace featuring singers, songwriters and bands at the forefront of today's music. After a behind-the-scenes tour of the Museum, we sit down to talk with each artist about their music, their road to success, inspirations, being on tour and of course, some of their favorite artists and artifacts highlighted in the Museum. This week's featured artist is Robyn.

Much like her Swedish pop-loving brethren, Scandinavian singer-songwriter Robyn has a gift for crafting indelible melodies, though it's not all sunshine and bubblegum. Her songs often favor a R&B groove and she sings with soulful conviction, a style cultivated by listening to her parent's American soul records. Her latest releases reflect an ambitious rethinking of what a pop song can be – and spotlight a woman who rocks.

Prompted by continued frustrations with record labels after more than a decade of making music, Robyn returned in 2005 on her own terms, releasing a self-titled album on her newly formed Konichiwa imprint. The album featured collaborations with a host of fellow countrymen, including electronic duo The Knife, eclectic rockers Teddybears, and producer/songwriter Alexander Kronlund, whose credits include work with Meja and Britney Spears. Robyn garnered positive reviews and marked a creatively unrestrained work, and in 2010, Robyn released the Body Talk, Pt. 1 and Body Talk, Pt. 2 EPs, with 16 total songs that continued to carve a unique pop niche with a cadre of innovative collaborators. From Pt.1's self-explanatory, dancehall-ready opener "Don't F***ing Tell Me What to Do" to the plaintive acoustic tenderness of "Dancing on my Own;" to the hip-hop blast of Pt. 2's "Criminal Intent," featuring DJ extraordinaire Diplo to the Snoop Dog collaborative effort "U Should Know Better," Robyn established herself as a dynamic artist. The 15-song Body Talk LP arrived at the end of 2010, featuring cuts from the two EPs, in addition to reworked versions and brand new songs. 

Here, Robyn talks about her love of Michael Jackson's Thriller, freaking out over David Bowie, the creation of Body Talk, touring, making music videos and James Brown's one-piece suit.

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