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Museum’s VP of Education Reveals Inductees Who Have NOT Recorded Holiday Music

Tuesday, December 22: 8:58 p.m.
Dr. Lauren Onkey, vice president of education and public programs, on stage during Rock and Roll Nig

As we were preparing last week’s special Rock and Roll Night School on rock and roll holiday records, I was amazed at how many Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees had recorded a holiday record. So, being the obsessives that we are, the Education Department staff tried to figure out just how many there are. Here’s our preliminary stats. Note: for the purposes of discussion, we focused on inductees from the Performer and Early Influence category; we counted a band or a duo as one inductee (e.g., The Rolling Stones =1; Bob Dylan =1, etc.); and we included our newest group of inductees (ABBA, The Stooges, The Hollies, Jimmy Cliff, and Genesis).  Here’s what we found:

143 out of 255 Inductees have recorded a holiday record: 72%!

Given how many crazy one-off records are out there, I’m sure that we missed a few. I’ve listed our working list below. Please let us know if we missed any! We’d love hear from you.

Inductees who HAVE NOT recorded holiday songs/albums 

Early Influences

1.    Charlie Christian
2.    Willie Dixon
3.    Billie Holiday
4.    Howlin’ Wolf
5.    Elmore James
6.    Robert Johnson
7.    Professor Longhair
8.    Jelly Roll Morton
9.    Ma Rainey
10.    Jimmie Rodgers
11.    T-Bone Walker
12.    Hank Williams

1.    Aerosmith
2.    The Allman Brothers
3.    LaVern Baker
4.    Black Sabbath
5.    Buffalo Springfield
6.    Ruth Brown
7.    The Byrds
8.    The Clash
9.    Jimmy Cliff
10.    Leonard Cohen
11.    Sam Cooke
12.    Cream
13.    Dave Clark Five
14.    Bo Diddley
15.    The Doors
16.    Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five
17.    The Grateful Dead
18.    Buddy Guy
19.    The Hollies
20.    Janis Joplin
21.    Jefferson Airplane
22.    Little Anthony and the Imperials
23.    The Lovin’ Spoonful
24.    The Mamas and the Papas
25.    Metallica
26.    Van Morrison
27.    Gene Pitney
28.    Little Richard
29.    Del Shannon
30.    The Shirelles
31.    Sly and the Family Stone
32.    Steely Dan
33.    The Talking Heads
34.    Traffic
35.    The Righteous Brothers
36.    Ritchie Valens
37.    Van Halen
38.    Velvet Underground
39.    Gene Vincent
40.    Muddy Waters
41.    The Yardbirds
42.    Neil Young
43.    The (Young) Rascals
44.    Frank Zappa

Here’s a list of special cases and bands that we didn’t include because one member recorded a holiday record:
•     Carl Perkins (played on instrumental versions of “Jingle Bells” and “White Christmas” with the Million Dollar Quartet, 12/4/56)
•     Buddy Holly (played backup guitar for Carolyn Hester, “Christmas in Killarney” and “Hurry Santa Hurry,” June 6-7, 1958)
•     ZZ Top (Billy Gibbons recorded “Run, Run Rudolph” with Lemmy from Motorhead and Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters, 2008)
•     ABBA (Agnetha Faltskog recorded a Swedish Christmas record, Nu tändas tusen juleljus, in 1980)
•     Genesis (Phil Collins played drums on “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” in 1984)
•     The Stooges (Iggy Pop recorded a version of “White Christmas” in 2009)
•     The Police (Sting recorded several songs for A Very Special Christmas 1 (1987) and 3 (1997), in addition to 2009’s If On A Winter’s Night)
•     Fleetwood Mac  (Stevie Nicks recorded “Silent Night” for A Very Special Christmas 1, 1987)
•     Parliament-Funkadelic (Bootsy Collins  recorded the Christmas album Christmas is 4 Ever in 2006)
•     Creedence Clearwater Revival (Doug Clifford & Stu Cook of Creedence Clearwater Revisited recorded “Run Rudolph Run”, 2009)
•     The Rolling Stones (Keith Richards “Run Rudolph Run”; Mick Jagger & Joss Stone “Lonely Without You (This Christmas)”)


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